Warranty Repairs


Full Manufacturer's Warranty on all Brand New Products

Brand New products are backed by Full Manufacturer's Warranty Australia Wide.


12 Months Warranty on all Factory Second and Carton Damaged Products

Factory Plus provides 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty from date of purchase for Factory Second and Carton Damaged Products in the Sydney & Illawarra Metropolitan Areas.  Onsite warranty can only be provided in the Sydney Metropolitan Area for larger items as specified in Warranty conditions below.


3-6 Months Warranty on Refurbished Products

Factory Plus provides 6 Months Parts & Labour Warranty from date of purchase for Refurbished White Goods and 3 Months Parts & Labour Warranty from date of purchase for Refurbished Brown Goods.  Onsite warranty can only be provided in the Sydney Metropolitan Area for larger items as specified in Warranty conditions below.


Additional 2 Years Warranty Available on Factory Second and Carton Damaged Products.


Warranty Repairs & General Service

For any Warranty Repairs & General Service, you may contact the Service Centre via email [email protected] or phone 02 9191 0608; or you may contact the place of purchase for follow up on your behalf.

  1. Subject to the conditions below, the product is warranted for parts and labour from the date of purchase, and period varies as follows:
    1. Factory Seconds & Carton Damaged products are covered for twelve (12) months FactoryPlus Warranty, unless otherwise stated on invoice.
    2. Brand New products are as per Manufacturer's Warranty.
    3. Refurbished White Goods like Fridges, Washers and Dryers are covered for three (6) months FactoryPlus Warranty.
    4. Refurbished Brown Goods like TVs, Soundbars and AV are covered for three (3) months FactoryPlus Warranty.
  2. The warranty covers normal domestic use only; and where the product is being used for a commercial purpose or the product was purchased for resale (wholesale purchase) the warranty period is three (3) months from the date of purchase. This warranty is not transferable. Normal domestic use does not include using the product in caravans, mobile homes, buses, aircraft or sea craft.
  3. This warranty does not cover any product sold or supplied by us that is covered by a warranty given by a third party, such as the product manufacturer, agent, distributor or supplier.
  4. Seconds products may have imperfections, for example physical damage, missing pixels, corrosion, etc that do not affect the operation or performance of the unit. All products are sold on an ‘as is’ basis and the customer is responsible for inspecting the product before purchase and the warranty does not cover any such imperfection.
  5. This warranty is on a “return to base” basis. This means the customer is responsible for bringing any product back to the place of purchase for service under warranty and for collecting it afterwards. Subject to our operational constraints, we may carry out an in-home service within our normal service hours on air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and OLED, LED, LCD or projector televisions with a screen size of 55 inches or more.
  6. Lamps in LCD and DLP rear projector televisions are covered for ninety (90) days.
  7. This warranty does not cover and is not limited to exclusion of the following:
    1. any costs associated with the de-installation, re-installation, delivery, handling, freighting, transportation of the product or any part thereof or replacement and does not extend to any damage or loss occurring during, or associated with, transit. Insurance against such loss or damage is the responsibility of the customer,
    2. missing remotes or other accessories, trims, brackets or installation components, physical damage or breakages to any part of the product after the purchaser or their agent has taken delivery of the product.
    3. any defect or injury caused by or resulting from incorrect installation, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidental damage, improper voltage, or any alteration which affects the reliability or the performance of the unit, not attributable to faulty manufacture or components.
    4. faults or damage to the product caused by foreign objects or substances including coins, bra wires, jewellery; hair pins, nails, spillages and blockages.
    5. faults or damage caused by pests such as rats, mice or cockroaches.
    6. damage to or faults with video heads, audio heads, lasers, or stylus resulting from wear and tear in normal use; dust or other particles on LCD lenses.
    7. loss or damage to CDs, DVDs, video tapes, or other storage media or the loss of stored data on hard drives.
    8. any consequential damage, such as water damage or loss of perishables such as food.
    9. consumables, such as light bulbs, filters, deodorizers, batteries, fuses.
    10. where the product is operating in accordance within the manufacturer’s specifications or instructions on how to use the product.
    11. where the user has maladjusted the controls or settings or failed to follow operating instructions, modified the product, used accessories not approved by the manufacturer, or used the product for a purpose for which it was not intended by the manufacturer.
    12. faults caused by acts of God, mains supply defects, external interference or defective or inadequate antenna systems or cable service.
    13. in-home service surcharges where the product is located outside of the Sydney metropolitan area or more than 15 km from the place of purchase;
    14. corrosion or any defect caused by it;
    15. faults, damage or losses caused by incorrect, faulty or sub-standard installation work by third parties;
    16. service charges where the reported fault was not caused by a fault in the product;
    17. any extra costs incurred by us to access and safely carry out service on any product, and especially any air conditioning product where the outdoor unit is not mounted at ground level.
  8. Customers or their representatives must be available during normal business hours for the service agent to carry out the service call, and if the service agent is unable to carry out the service because the customer or their representative is not at the location of the product at the agreed time or unable to give the service agent access to the product for reasons within the responsibility of the customer or their representative, the customer will be liable for a fee for the futile service call.
  9. Repair or replacement under the terms of the warranty does not give right to extension or a new beginning of the period of warranty.
  10. Repairs or replacement may be carried out with functionally equivalent reconditioned parts or equivalent part. Parts that are replaced become the property of Factory Plus.
  11. Any tampering with the product or unauthorised service carried out on the product voids the warranty.
  12. This warranty is void if the Factory Plus barcode label on the product is missing, broken, defaced or tampered with in any way.
  13. This warranty is void if the product was not installed by a person holding a valid licence to do so or if the customer is unable to provide the name and licence number of the person who installed the product.
  14. Unless otherwise specified to the customer, the benefits conferred by this warranty are additional to the guarantees, rights and remedies applicable to the product under the Australian Consumer Law.