Immerse yourself in delight while LG LED 3D TV brings your images to life. See the sparkle in your kid’s eyes as their favorite cartoon characters jump out the screen or be mesmerized at the breath-taking image of the aurora borealis. This television set has a 2D to 3D conversion system which enhances your viewing experience and immerses you further into whatever you’re watching. It does this by converting 2 dimensional programs, like sports or cartoons, into a full blown 3 dimensional videos.

Whether you sit at the center of the television or at its side, you never have to miss out on the magical experience brought on by 3D technology. With its wide-viewing angle design, this product was engineered to accommodate the whole family.

Are you worried about the electric cost this feature-packed television might bring you? Don’t be! This item’s efficiency has been recognized and rated by Energy Star. Energy Star is an international standard that is placed on appliances that uses 20 to 30 percent less energy than those items that are in the same category.
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