Surge Boards

Power surges can short circuit and ultimately ruin your electronic devices. These gadgets are, in essence, considered as investments,  so one should be vigilant in taking care of them. One should take the proper steps in order to prolong and protect the life span of the things that you’ve worked sweat and tears for. An  effective measure is by plugging your electronics on a surge board. Let us face it; there are times when electricity from the mains fluctuates. This fluctuation is one of the main reasons why our electronics get ruined and it’s the duty of surge boards to avoid that from happening.Show more.

How does it work you ask? Our surge boards only allow a certain amount of electricity to flow through and interact with your device. Any excess or potentially harmful voltage detected will be diverted to the electrical outlet’s ground wire.

The boards that we offer are designed to look like any ordinary power board. This  style was chosen in order to offer you a device which can be used under any environment (whether it is your office or your home) without ruining the overall aesthetics of the place.

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