3D Glasses

Don’t let the 3D functions of your massive Plasma, OLED, or UHD television sets go to waste. With LG’s newest line of 3D glasses, you can enjoy a fun cinema viewing experience right in your own living room.Show more.

Whether you’re watching your favourite movie, or playing an action-packed console game, the LG 3D glasses will provide a massive upgrade to your viewing experience. You’ll instinctively jump, shield your eyes, or duck as objects and characters seem to realistically jump right out of the screen and fly towards you.

Each eyewear is light, and wire- and battery-free, just like the ones that you use in movie theatres. They are available in various designs, price ranges, and features to match your needs.

Love watching 3D movies but hate that irritating and heavy feeling when stacking a 3D glass on top of your spectacles? Don’t worry, LG also has a clip-on glass that can be attached to your existing eyewear, so you can view games and watch movies without compromising comfort.   

Most of LG’s 3D gaming glasses are equipped with the Dual Play technology; allowing you and your friends to enjoy two-player games on the same screen.  While wearing these special glasses, each player will have their own unique point of view (in 2D); preventing them from peeking through their opponent’s screen. Dual Play technology works with the current and older consoles, as long as you are playing a multiplayer game with split-screen features.

If you already have a 3D-ready television that produces eye-popping and ultra-realistic visuals, these glasses will surely take your viewing and gaming experience to the next level.

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