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Plasma TVs

Bringing you a vibrant viewing experience and more, the LG Plasma 3D TV is filled with features that allow you to go beyond simple viewing. The Pentouch technology found in this product gives you direct access and the ability to work on the files found on your PC. This also allows you to go on the web without the help of a tablet, laptop, or a computer..Show more.

Never worry about picture quality, this item has a picture wizard and an intelligent sensor. The picture wizard allows you to have an easier time on calibrating the TV’s color, sharpness, and backlight levels. While you calibrate the TV based on your preference, the intelligent sensor automatically adjusts the pictures on the screen depending on the lighting and colour condition of the room to give you the best possible image.

A common misconception broken! Most Plasma screens require high outputs of energy making them very energy inefficient but this product goes beyond the stereotype. LG designed this item with the Smart Energy Saving system that allows it to run more efficiently. This allows you to save money while delivering exquisite picture quality.

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