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Optical Leads

Even if you are watching a movie with crystal-clear and ultra-realistic visuals, it’s hard to enjoy what you’re viewing if the audio isn’t clear.  LG’s audio optical cable lead removes distortion and audio crackles for a more crisp and beautiful sound.Show more.

This home entertainment accessory connects your TV to your amplifier and delivers that high quality and detailed beats that your ears long to hear.

Unlike low-fi jacks, fibre optic cables can bring out the full potential of your speakers or amplifiers because it can transmit high-fidelity audio. It also eliminates any distortions that are commonly found on copper cables. Depending on the source, it can provide a rich 5.1 surround sound even at high volume and frequency levels.

In terms of physical features, LG optical leads are flexible yet durable; providing you a pleasurable listening experience for years to come. This optical lead can be connected to your television, DVD or Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and speakers. 

Please note that you still need to use another video connector or HDMI lead if you want to have a good video signal. 

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