LG takes pride in its range of Inbuilt Fridges - a fridge that gives an overall superior performace without taking up space. It has numerous state-of-the-art features like Multi Air Flow, No Frost, Express Freezing, Digital Control Panel, Moisture Balance CrisperTM , Miracle Zone, Twist Ice Tray, BioshieldTM, and Tempered Glass Shelves designed to keep up with the needs and demands of the consumers.

Multi Air Flow circulates air via multiple vents for uniform distribution of cold air. The No Frost feature restores the temperature after opening the door and allows you to take food straight out from the fridge without ice formation on the sides with its indirect cooling system. Super Freeze speeds up the freezing process; ideal for unexpected events such as a long power outage which may spoil the food sooner or a sudden visit from friends. Get full control over your fridge with the simple but sophisticated-looking Electronic Digital Control Panel. Moisture Balance CrisperTM keeps the vegetables and fruits fresher for longer by retaining evaporated moisture. Miracle Zone is a special area in the LG Inbuilt fridge that features an independent temperature control. A built-in Twist Ice Tray comes in handy every time ice cubes are needed. BioshieldTM stops the growth of bacteria and mold build-up on the fridge door seals. Its Tempered Glass Shelves lets you store heavier items without causing cracks or breakage.

All these features are carefully integrated in the LG Inbuilt Refrigerators - designed for utmost convenience and practicality.

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  1. LG GR-N319LLW 263L Integrated Combi Fridge Factory 2ND AP

    LG GR-N319LLW 263L Integrated Combi Fridge - Factory Second 2nd




    - Miracle Zone
    - Moist Balance Crisper
    - Frost Free
    - Bioshield Antibacterial Seal

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