Small in size but huge on function - two opposing attributes combined together in the LG Bar Freezers. It has a compact design packed with features such as a built-in freezer compartment, polyurethane insulated cabinets, and an eco-friendly CFC-free mechanism.Show more.

Get the most out of the interior storage capacity of the LG Bar Freezer because of its compact design with horizontal built-in handles, flat-back designs, mechanical control systems, and round-edge doors. It is CFC-free, which lessens the damage to the ozone layer since CFC or chlorofluorocarbon is a known hazardous compound to the atmosphere. The built-in freezer compartment comprises of a can holder, compact freezer door, chill zone, and an ice cube tray which enhance its functionality. Its door and cabinets are polyurethane insulated, built with complete magnetic gasket sealing to help save energy efficiently and prolong the lifespan of the air-compressor of the bar freezer. Whether you’re saving space or looking to whip up your favourite concoctions, its petite size, compared to standard freezers, will match your needs and lifestyle.

Get the maximum satisfaction with the eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and functional LG Bar Freezer.

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