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Wall Ovens

Notice how bulky ovens consume more space in your kitchen? Create those stellar dishes in a wider kitchen workspace, by saying goodbye to that bulky over and saying hello to LG.

The LG Wall Ovens come in two styles: Single Wall Ovens and Double Wall Ovens. The Single Wall Ovens provide an individual large-capacity space for any recipes you desire to serve you daily basis or on special occassions. The Double Wall Ovens have twice the capacity of a Single Wall Oven, presenting you more space to cook more meals in fewer minutes. The Easy Touch Controls allows you access to its  various  features at the touch of your fingertips, and even has a built-in gourmet recipe bank programmed with over 40 recipes. The Convection System displays four distinct options for your cooking namely bake, roast, crisp and healthy roast to satisfy  your cravings for virtually any dish.   

With advanced features coupled with the advantage of a wider kitchen space, the LG Wall Ovens will be your perfect partner for your foodie adventures. 

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