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Surge Boards

A power surge is the bane of most home entertainment systems. Once your expensive UHD televisions get hit with an excessive amount of electrical energy, it might become damaged beyond repair. It’s difficult to predict when the next power surge will hit your home, but you can protect your precious entertainment systems using LG’s surge boards.Show more.

This handy accessory diverts excess electricity away from your devices, so it won’t get damaged when lightning suddenly strikes.

The surge boards are replete with numerous outlets. It’s the only outlet that you’ll ever need for plugging in your telly, speakers, video game consoles, and media players. Want to cut your energy bills spent on standby power? Well, it’s easy to do that because the outlets on each LG surge board have their own switches. Even if you don’t unplug your electronic appliances, no power will flow through their lines once you switch the device off. They’re even color-coded to make it easier for you to remember which plug powers which.

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