In this changing weather, you need a reliable companion to keep you comfortable no matter what season. The LG Ducted Systems are designed to give you comfort, warmth, and convenience with just a click of a button.

LG Ducted Systems are designed with innovative and intelligent features such as an Anti-Corrosive GoldFin Coating which makes it a reliable companion from summer all the way through winter. GoldFin prevents corrosion on the surface of the unit and protects it from pollution, giving you a more durable unit that can last you for years. It is crafted with Inverter Technology which helps it maintain a constant temperature. LG Ducted Systems may look big and intimidating on the outside and host a pool of innovative features; but it actually operates so quietly that, if it weren’t for the comfortable temperature, you’d barely notice it running.

No need to do the tedious task of setting the timer and program daily. With programmable options such as the Weekly Program feature, you can set the timer for up to one week. We all know kids love to play around with buttons and remote controls; with the Child Safety Lock Function, all buttons on the indoor display panel will be locked to prevent your kids from changing the settings on the unit.

Get yourself a reliable and intelligent companion to beat the heat and conquer the cold with. Choose from a wide range of LG Ducted System Units available.

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