Surge Boards

Isn’t it frustrating when a power surge suddenly crashes your computer and destroys the presentation that you are working on?Sudden power surges and spikes can often do more than just   corruptyour files; they can also damage your computers and devices as well. Protect your gizmos from such instances with the LG Surge Boards.


In this day and age, it’s always wise to opt for functionality without compromising practicality. The LG Surge Boards have individual switches for each outlet so you can turn off unused devices without unplugging them and affecting other plugged devices. It also eliminates standby power so you can save bucks on energy bills, and have enough funds to spend on other necessities. Each outlet has a different colour for easy identification. Aside from all these features, the LG Surge Boards are surge-protected so you can keep your computers and devices safe from electrical power disturbances.


Choose from a wide range of surge boards in different features and lengths for your home or office needs.

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